The first and very unique high quality premium Sushi Brand which is well made with 5 different natural rices including natural Black rice according to strictly controlled traditional Korean food making method.


Natural Black rice is known as Forbidden rice in ancient times because it has been served only for the Emperor due to its high nutritional contents. 


It has been known that BLACK rice has more nutritions than brown rice or white rice because of its BLACK pigment called Anthocyanin, more Minerals and more Vitamins.


It also has been known to have several functions such as Anti aging, Anti cancer, Lower cholesterol, Better digestion, Less constipation, Control blood pressure, Good for Anemia and Diabetes.


Nutrition of BLACK SUSHI



Anti Aging, Anti Cancer

Bran Layer

Lower Cholesterol

More Fiber 

Better Digestion, Less Constipation


More Vitamin(B1, B3)

Good for Diabetes Control Blood Pressure

Dietary Minerals(Fe, Mg, Mn, Se)

Good for Anemia Blood Purification


How much do people like Black Sushi?


we have been developing BLACK SUSHI as the best quality sushi brand in the world.

We have tested 120 customers' preference about BLACK SUSHI comparing to regular sushi. 


the results were...